Plagiarism Policy

That is included in the plagiarism as follows:

1. Use ideas, opinions, views or theories without adequately stating the source.

Refer to or quote random terms, words or sentences and information from the source without citing the source in the citation record or without adequately stating the source.

Referencing and/or quoting terms, words and/or sentences, data or information from sources without citing sources in citation records and/or without adequately stating the source.

Formulate your own words or sentences from the source of words or phrases, ideas, opinions, views, or theories without adequately stating the source.

Submit scientific work produced or published by others as a source of scientific work without adequate disclosure.


Plagiarism Screening

Pendagogia Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar upholds the integrity of all published articles. Therefore, each manuscript submitted to Pendagogia Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar will go through the process of examining the level of similarity by using Turnitin anti-palgiation software. The maximum threshold for manuscript likeness percentage does not exceed 30%. It is expected that the author pays attention to this.


If the author is proven to duplicate, fabricate, falsify, plagiarism, or publish one manuscript in two or more different journals then the author is penalized in the form of article revocation, cancellation of publication, and blacklisted for Pendagogia Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar .